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   Writing Instruments

Promotional pens are a fantastic way to get your business name and logo out there for people to see. Promotional pens make a great promotional gift as people using your pen daily will constantly see your business name and logo. Just Promotional Products offers a vast range of promotional pens, writing instruments and highlighters in a vast range of shapes and colours. What sets Just Promotional Prodcts apart from other Promotional Gift companies is the ability to produce promotional pens with your company details on it quickly. We at Just Promotional Products offers a great variety of plastic promotional pens and metal promotional pens to suit any budget and requirement. Just Promotional Products will be more than happy to provide mock up artwork for your promotional pen prior to printing. All promotional pens are priced on our website to make chosing the right pen for you, easy. You can choose from the wide selection of pens listed below. The Just Promotional Prodcts website offers one of the biggest selections of pens and promotional products in Australia. With online pricing listed for our large range of promotional products and promotional items you canít go wrong when choosing us for your next promotion.

..Free setup for printed and laser engraved pens..


Free Laser Engraving on selected Metal Pens

for a limited time only. Must purchase minimum quantity. If unsure of Minimum quantity please contact us.

 Writing Instruments     
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  Affordable Promotional Products

LL192s Mini Coloured Promotional Pencils in Recycled cardboard box
LL192s Mini Coloured Promotional Pencils in Recycled cardboard box
CODE: LL192s
Price From: $0.82

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LL196s Assorted Colour Crayons in White Cardboard Box
LL196s Assorted Colour Crayons in White Cardboard Box
CODE: LL196s
Price From: $1.05

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P108 Hollywood Promotional Plastic Pens
P108 Hollywood Promotional Plastic Pens
CODE: P108
Price From: $0.44

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P113 Challenger II Promotional Plastic Pens
P113 Challenger II Promotional Plastic Pens
CODE: P113
Price From: $0.46

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P126 Viva Promotional Plastic Pens
P126 Viva Promotional Plastic Pens
CODE: P126
Price From: $0.26

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P13 Neptune Promotional Plastic Pens
P13 Neptune Promotional Plastic Pens
Price From: $0.34

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P20 Ice Plastic Pens
P20 Ice Plastic Pens
Price From: $0.28

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P35 Reef Plastic Pens
P35 Reef Plastic Pens
Price From: $0.27

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P48 New York Plastic Pen
P48 New York Plastic Pen
Price From: $0.36

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P62 Clear Gift Box
P62 Clear Gift Box
Price From: $0.54

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P72 Promotional Highlighter & Ballpoint Pen
P72 Promotional Highlighter & Ballpoint Pen
Price From: $0.62

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  Short video of promotional pens being printed

  Promotional Metal Pens

Promotional Metal Pens As Your Business Marketing Strategy

If you want to promote your business, do it by giving out promotional items. One of the best promotional products that you can use is a metal pen. It's very useful everywhere and it's usually something that people cannot do away with. There are various types of promotional metal pens that can meet every company's needs.

It is difficult to select a suitable pen that fits your type of business and budget. If you want your company to top the lists, you better start giving gifts. The giveaways are not simply gifts but also a representation of the company's image. That company image that needs to be represented is fortitude and stability.

It's easy to meet the expenses of using metal pens as giveaways because it's affordable. But, you need to make metal pens stand out by adding special touches. This is not an easy task especially if your company is on tight funds. However, there are ways to make metal pens more promotional without hurting your budget.

The important thing on choosing pens is that it should be durable for everyday use. Ball point pens are best because it's sturdy and it won't hurt your budget. If possible, do away with blotting pens because it can ruin a company's image. Many known manufacturers of durable metal pens make their products according to high-quality standards. Make sure you order pens that are sturdy so it lasts long despite repeated use.

Aside from considering durability of metal pens, consider the pen's writing quality. Clients will be able to use them always and this can help improve the image of the company. Spending a little more on product/services promotion will give your company a good image.

The next thing to take note of is the pen's design. A pen's design will not only serve aesthetic purposes but also user's comfort. For people that always write, give metal pens with rubber grips to protect their fingers. You can also give retractable pens because they are easy and convenient to use. Always focus on the quality of your promotional products rather than its quantity.

Now for the production of metal pens as promotional products, make sure it advertises well. Ensure that your company name and logo is very visible. This is very important so that consumers can easily remember your brand. Check that it is printed clearly and it doesn't fade easily. If there's still space for the companies phone number, all the better because this promotes brands well.

Business profits are likely to increase when you give promotional metal pens to your clients. Promotions and advertisements as marketing strategy are very important aspects in running a business. You need to plan everything carefully and take risks because it is what business is all about. Later on, you'll be able to reap the fruits of your hard work and sacrifices.

We have a large selection of promotional metal pens listed on our website. All the pens are listed with pricing and quantity discounts to make your choice simple. We have a great selection of colour styles and sizes, we are sure that a pen in our range will suit your company profile and budget. If you have a budget in mind just let us know and we will do our best to meet it for you.

  Promotional Plastic Pens

Printed promotional pens are certainly an excellent addition to any marketing strategy. They are very good at allowing you to advertise your products and services and business in general to a wide population. The style of pens can be personal and customised or generic, depending upon your budget. If you are aiming to create and distribute promotional pens for your business, consider some of these tips.

Your first port of call will be to consider the specific budget that you want to use for this specific part of your marketing strategy. Whenever you start off with any marketing ploy it is important that you research the industry averages and find out how much anything is likely to cost. Think about your own specific requirements and set your budget based on this. Make sure that you look at the prices of different promotional pens that are common within the industry. 

We have a large selection of printed pens, plastic pens, cheap pens and wholesale printed pens listed on our website. All of our promotional pens are listed on our website with their quantity discounts. We are sure that  you will find a pen in our pen range that will suite your budget.  Think about what you want printed on your promotional pen,

You may want to add on your company logo, your company motto, contact information such as web addresses or phone numbers, and anything else. Make sure that you mix all of this into the overall marketing strategy of your company.

It is also important for you to specify the print colour that you want us to use,

Do we need to match your company colours? 

Are you going to go a with basic black or white print?. 

Will a one colour print be fine, or do you need to have a two colour print?.

 Again, this should fit in with your company profile and budget. There are different types of promotional pens that will suite any kind of business. Promotional pens are not only affordable, but are also very effective in promoting your business since they can remind people about the product and service you provide. Promotional pens printed with your company detail is a must for any business.  

  Information About Printed Pens


* We carry a large selection of very economically priced pens in a range of modern colours and designs.

* Our pens are Excellent for Trade Shows and Promotions.

* All our pens are extremely reasonably priced and alot of advertising benefit can be gained without a lot of money being spent.

* Everybody uses a pen; so a very effective way of promoting your business is advertising your company details on a pen at a minimal cost.

* Get your message out there: A one colour print is just as effective as a 2 or 3 colour print, but at a much lesser cost. Additional colour prints is expensive and often increases the cost dramatically.

* We don't charge for basic artwork, film, plate or set-up: and the price includes a 1 colour 1 position print.

* Ask us for our advice and opinions. We here at Just Promotional Products are more than happy to help. Tell us what section of industry or group you are targeting and we will make recommendations based on years of experience. We will be more than happy to recommend a style of pen to suit your industry and your clients.

* A Plastic pen can be dressed up with a velour pouch to give the perception of a more upmarket gift.

* A metal pen will of course be viewed by your client as a more upmarket and expensive gift.

* Using modern techniques, a long lasting print can be applied and will adhere to most plastic and metal pens.


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