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  White Board Markers
Promotional pens are a fantastic way to get your business name and logo out there for people to see. Promotional pens make a great promotional gift as people using your pen daily will constantly see your business name and logo. Just Promotional Products offers a vast range of promotional pens, writing instruments and highlighters in a vast range of shapes and colours. What sets Just Promotional Prodcts apart from other Promotional Gift companies is the ability to produce promotional pens with your company details on it quickly. We at Just Promotional Products offers a great variety of plastic promotional pens and metal promotional pens to suit any budget and requirement. Just Promotional Products will be more than happy to provide mock up artwork for your promotional pen prior to printing. All promotional pens are priced on our website to make chosing the right pen for you, easy. You can choose from the wide selection of pens listed below. The Just Promotional Prodcts website offers one of the biggest selections of pens and promotional products in Australia. With online pricing listed for our large range of promotional products and promotional items you canít go wrong when choosing us for your next promotion.

White Board Markers     

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P78  Promotional Whiteboard Marker
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P78 Promotional Whiteboard Marker

Promotional Whiteboard Marker a great promotional idea

Whiteboard Marker Pen with magnet and eraser

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  Promotional Whiteboard Marker

There are all sorts of different ways in which you can market your business and many different freebies that you can offer in order to get the name of your business into the public domain. One such marketing tool that you can use are printed promotional whiteboard markers, and this can be as specialised or generic as you want to be. When you are looking to purchase promotional whiteboard markers for your business, consider these steps on doing so.

The first, and one of the most crucial, things that you will need to do is to create a budget and make sure that you stick with it. You should look into the industry and find out some generic costs for various different types of highliters that you could purchase. Consider the types of whiteboard markers that may fit with your company profile. 

After doing this look at different prices for the different whiteboard markers that are listed on our website. You will find whiteboard markers that range between prices for the minimum quantity which is usually a quantity of one hundred or larger quantities. Choose whiteboard markers that are suitable to your company in terms of the numbers that you purchase and also that fit into your budget.

Consider the type of printing that you want to do on the whiteboard markers. Here you will have one main option, pad printed whiteboard markers. This simply means that your logo or contact details will simply be printed onto the product.

Of course you will also have to think about what you would like printed onto the whiteboard markers, company name, logo, contact details, website address or just your company logo and contact details it's your choice. Some people work their own company colours into the design of the whiteboard markers and make sure that it is congruent with the rest of your marketing strategy.

All in all, it is crucial that you spend some time looking at all the promotional products listed on our website, it's important that you choose the right promotional item for your marketing strategy. Make sure you consider your specific budget and then purchase something suitable. Promotional whiteboard markers is a popular choice.


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