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  Money Boxes
Promotional money boxes is a fantastic way to get your business name and logo out there for people to see. Promotional money boxes make a great promotional gift as people using your promotional pig money box, house money box, football money box, money bag money box, water drop money box or safe money box to save all their loose change will constantly be reminded of your business name and logo. Just Promotional Products offers a range of promotional money boxes to suit many budgets and requirements and all promotional money boxes can be printed with your logo. Just Promotional Products will be more than happy to provide mock up artwork for your promotional money boxes prior to printing. All promotional money boxes are priced on our website to make chosing the right money box for you, easy. You can choose from the money boxes listed below. The Just Promotional Products website offers one of the biggest selections of promotional products in Australia. With online pricing listed for our large range of promotional products and promotional items you canít go wrong when choosing us for your next promotion.

Money Boxes     
Money boxes

  Affordable Promotional Products

LL2400s Little Piglet Coin Bank
LL2400s Little Piglet Coin Bank
CODE: LL2400s
Price From: $3.48

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LL240s Patrick Blue Pig Promotional Money Boxes
LL240s Patrick Blue Pig Promotional Money Boxes
CODE: LL240s
Price From: $5.30

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LL241s House Promotional Money Boxes
LL241s House Promotional Money Boxes
CODE: LL241s
Price From: $5.35

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LL262s Stackabox Promotional Money Boxes
LL262s Stackabox Promotional Money Boxes
CODE: LL262s
Price From: $3.35

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  A Short Video of a Promotional Money box being printed

  Promotional Money Boxes

Be Memorable With Promotional Money Boxes

There are endless ways to promote a business and people will often use things such as stationery, brochures or T shirts in order to show off their business. But if you want to stand out promotional money boxes are something unique that people will remember.

If you are at a trade show you will experience a large amount of footfall with a lot of people coming up to your stall and talking to you. They will probably have a large amount of freebies in their hands, everything from environmentally friendly bags to pens and pencils.

While these are all ways of promoting a company they offer nothing particularly new. A money box is something quite different in that it is something practical and something that is less easily disposed of or ignored then a brochure. A promotional money box will often sit on your clients desk. While the brochure may get lost at the bottom of a bag, people are more likely to keep their money box at the top to make sure it does not get broken.

It also helps if the money box has a shape that calls to mind your business. If you are a pork butcher, the classic piggy bank will show that you have a sense of humour and it will remind people of your business. If you run an estate agents or house cleaning business a house shaped money box will remind people of your business. We have a great selection of promotional money boxes listed on our website, they range from; frog shape money box, water drop money box, football shape money boxes, car money box and evan money boxes that you can stack on each other. We are sure that a money box in our range will fit in well with your promotion.

In many ways it is the best form of subliminal advertising. While an email can be deleted or a flyer thrown away, the money box usually takes pride of place on a shelf or is given to a child. This means they will probably get looked at every day. So if people want to go to a pork butcher or an estate agent the likely thought off the top of their head will be of your company.

Usually when ordering promotional money boxes we will ask for a minimum quantity of 100 with a lower price when ordering a higher quantity, usually around 250. or 500. How many you order should depend on the size of your company and the frequency of the events you are going to require promotional material for.

We will give you a preview of what your logo will look like on the side of the money box.

Remember it is important to use this in conjunction with other promotional tools. It may be an idea to have a business card inserted in the coin slot so that people remember to get in contact with you.

Promotional money boxes is a great way to promote any business.


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