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All setup cost have been removed from the promotional anti stress product range. We have intruduced this a while ago Read more..     Date added: 05.09.2010

All setup cost have now been removed from the promotional anti stress product range. This special offer was originally introduced in 2009 and received an overwelming response.

All our clients that have gone with promotional anti stress products for their product launch or conference have enjoyed free setup on promotional anti strerss items. This gives them the abilty to either purchase a more expensive promotional anti stress toy or  a larger quantity of promotional anti stress balls.

This has been a great oputunity for our clients looking at using anti stress products for their upcoming promotions.The most popular anti stress items have been the anti stress footballs, anti stress round balls, anti stress world globes and the anti stress stars.

 We are constantly looking at ways to drive our clients advertising dollar further.

It makes good sense to add the Waterman pen range to our promotional pen range. The Waterman pen is a brand read more....     Date added: 03.09.2010

It makes good sense to add the Waterman pens to our promotional pen range. The Waterman pen is a brand that  continues to prosper producing elegant and stylish fountain pens, ballpoint  pens and rollerball pens.

The Waterman Expert pen, the Waterman Perspective pen and the Waterman Hemisphere pen are all featured on our website,and because all the Waterman range boast a prestiges range of colours, we're sure you will find a stylish Waterman pen that will suite your company profile.

The Waterman Expert Ballpoint pen is the classic Waterman shape and style and one the most popular pens they produce. The perfect balance makes it a pleasure to write with. With its rich finish and striking accents this Waterman pen is truly eye catching.

The Watarman Hemisphere Ballpoint pen is a very popular pen, the traditional black and gold finish Hemisphere is by far the most popular. Its size and balance in the hand when using the Hemisphere make writing a pleasurable experience. With it's stylish lines and the distinctive Waterman sloped top, the matt black finish and stunning gold trim make this piece truly a beautiful pen.

The Waterman Perspective pen in blue with chrome trim is simply stunning. With its rich deep finish and striking chrome accents this beautifully balanced pen is a pleasure to use.

We are sure you will be able to find a Waterman pen in our range that will suite your company profile. 

Parker Pens have just been added to the Just Promotional Products pen range by our clients request. Read more...     Date added: 01.09.2010

Parker Pens have just been added to the Just Promotional Products pen range by our clients request.The Parker pens featured in the range are the Parker IM, Parker Urban, Parker Frontier, Parker Jotter, Parker Sonnet and the Parker Esprit. All the Parker pen range will be engraved to uphold there prestigious style and presented in a gift box.

The Parker Urban Pen is engineered to impress and designed to perform. The Urban bullet shape combines ergonomics with art giving the perfect weight and balance making the Urban a great writing instrument, it will be sure to impress all your top end clients.

The Parker Jotter Pen is a design classic. The Jotter is known around the world for it's quality, durability and practical but simple shape. The Parker Jotter pen boasts great value for money making it perfect for that Christmas gift.

The Parker IM Pen smartly reworks Parkers expertise in matching style with function. The Parker IM boasts great detail from it's iconic arrow shape clip to it's brushed metal grip. A contemporary tapered shape meets the veratile appeal of metal in a modern retake of Parkers style.

The Parker Sonnet Pen is one of Parkers most popular, The Sonnets modern design and it's contemporary and timeless style make it a perfect choice if you are looking to impress your special clients.The Parker Sonnet pen feels great and writes beautifully making it one of Parkers master pieces. 

Parker pens are known around the world making it a household name, when people mention the name Parker we automaticaly think style, perfect balance and comfort. All the Parker range come in a range of prestigious colours where you will be sure to find one that will suite your style and corporate image.

The easiest way to get your business name out there is with promotional products. Read more....     Date added: 03.08.2010

The easiest way  to get your business name out there is with promotional products. No matter the type of  business your in, simply add your logo to various promotional products and you will have an impact on your clients and potential clients.

Simply look at the different types of promotional items that are available on todays market place, which can be branded with your logo or company name. You will be surprised by the impact these promotional products will have on your business.

Some great ideas;

Promotional Pens everybody uses a pen during the day, so why not use promotional pens in your next promotion. You can simply choose from our promotional pen page. The pens available range from plastic pens to metal pens. We can suply pen boxes or velour pen pouches that dress the promotional pen up nicely. We are sure these will impress your clients. 

Promotional Clothing plays a big part in promoting any business. Promotional Aparel such as polo shirtst-shirts, business shirts, jackets, caps and hats, all of these items are worn by everyone and this means your company name will be seen by hundreds.

Promotional Anti Stress Products are a fun way to get your business name out there. Promotional anti stress items are a great way to promote various trades, sporting clubs and industries. There are hundreds of different anti stress items available to suit a large range of promotional marketing campaigns.

Bags are also strong promotional item. products such as non woven, totes, sporting, backpacks, computer, picnic, trade show and cooler bags. Think about all the places these items go on a daily basis. Your company name will be out there regularly for people to see.

Why not organise a company golf day with promotional products that are used by all golfer with choices like golf balls, golf tees, golf umbrellas, golf towels, and golf accessories you just can't go wrong.

Drinkware is another way to get your company out in the market place. Today, most people do not leave home without their thermal travel mug  filled with hot steaming coffee or tea. With coffee being one of the worlds favourite hot drinks; thermal travel mugs, and coffee mugs are in big demand. Why not add your logo and then you will become just as popular as the drink in the cup. For people that don't drink coffee you can even include sport bottles as well as thermo travel mugs in your next company promotion.

The difficult part about being in business is getting your name out there and bringing the clientel in. The best way in which to be noticed is to be in the face of the general public, and we believe the best way to be noticed is with promotional products.

One pen, keyring or polo shirt can go a long way in getting your company noticed and your name out in he market place. 

Just Promotional Products offers the most popular Mouse Mats or Mouse Pads avalible backed by competive pricing. Read more..     Date added: 02.08.2010

Just Promotional Products offers the most popular Mouse Mats or Mouse Pads available backed by competitve pricing.

Our Budget Mouse Mats are one of the most popular Mouse Pads available. The professional smooth lightly texured surface comes in a matt finish. The mouse mats come in two sizes 230mm x 190mm x 1.5mm Eva Sponge and 230mm x 190mm x 3mm Eva Sponge.

The Deluxe Mouse Pads have proven to be a great value for money Mouse Mat. The textured surface with a choice of two bases is something our clients love. Just Promotional Products also have an Eco Friendly Mouse Mat that will make a real impact with your clients. Our Eco Friendly Mouse Pads have a precision tracking surface, combined with a recycled Mouse Mat base. We also have a Fabric Mouse Mat which everybody loves. The Fabric Mouse Pads are printed using Dye Sublimation which is great for reproducing photo images on the Mouse Mats.

 The Flip-Top Mouse Mats are great for photo inserts or any other reminder notes. The Business Card Mouse Mat have proven to be a great tool for sales reps. Sales reps can easily personalise each Mouse Mat by inserting their business card into each Mouse Pad prior to making their sales calls.

Simply click through to our Mouse Mat page, we know that you will be impressed with our prices. 

Help Save the planet with your next promotion by chosing an item from our Promotional Green Concepts range     Date added: 02.08.2010

Help Save the planet with your next promotion by chosing an item from our Promotional Green Concepts range.

Across the globe, individuals are becoming more aware of the products they use and how they affect nature.

All Green Concepts Products promote environmentally friendly and eco friendly messages. Products include.. * Biodegradable Corn Starch Pens, Letter Openers, Pens, Notebooks ,Noteholders, Rulers ,Reusable Cotton Bags ,Pencils made from recyled materials ,Flyers ,Flashlights with hand generated power, Shower Timers and Water Drop shaped items that encouage water saving.

The corn starch Bio-degradeble promotional pen has proven to be a popular promotional item, it looks great printed with your company details. The P144 Eco Bio-degradeble promotional pen is made from recycled paper which is perfect for any eco friendly promotion.

Simply click through to our Promotional Green Concepts page, we know that our prices will impress you.  


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